Lab Rotations

Accepting Lab Rotation Students: Fall ’15

Implant Guided Bone Growth Mediated by Local Delivery of Osteogenic Agents

The long term goal of this research is to develop dental implant guided bone augmentation procedures for the reconstruction of the resorbed alveolar ridge of the mandible. This work is done in collaboration with clinicians Dr. Martin Freilich and Dr. David Shafer, and biologists Dr. Gloria Gronowicz and Dr. Marja Hurley. Our goals are to deliver locally acting osteogenic agents from bioactive implant surfaces or scaffolds to guide new supracrestal alveolar bone formation at resorbed sites. Towards this end, we have recently developed novel study models utilizing both miniaturized and full sized titanium implant components to deliver osteogenic agents or stabilize scaffolds for guiding the growth of a new layer of intramembraneous bone. We are now focussed on developing biomaterial scaffolds capable of the release of multiple growth factors that can orchestrate the homing and recruitment of host progenitor cells to achieve bone regeneration in the elderly.